The 1000 Rep Month: Day 63

Only 7 more days to go, and I still haven’t tried for 2 minutes in a hand stand. I’ve been thinking about it, and next time I try I think it will help to have a stopwatch going so I can see how close I am.

Today’s workout was doubled up with a playground visit next to the Peterborough Archives (which is the only place I know if in town where sunsets can be seen!).

The 1000 Rep Month: Day 51

Still on the quest to break 2 minutes in my handstand – today I think I was lucky to break 1 minute! It’s crazy how hard it gets right at the end. Everything is fine until it’s suddenly impossible to hold on any longer. I’m working out on the weekend because I’d like to get through these 70 videos before the new baby arrives and my world gets a little crazy!