I Never Thought I Could Dunk

Dunking a basketball simply wasn’t something my brain would accept as a possibility. At 32 years old, and being a  5′ 10″ white guy – I’ve done an excellent job of building an argument against myself.

Here are the main points:

  1. I’m too old. If I was ever going to be able to dunk, it would have been when I was younger and in my prime… whenever that was.
  2. I’m too short. How many guys do you know under 6 feet tall who can dunk? The shortest person I’ve ever seen dunk was 6′ 2″.
  3. I’m white. Everyone knows white men can’t jump. They made a movie about it. But wait! Harrelson dunked in that movie, no? Harrelson, also standing 5′ 10″, did dunk in the movie… but the rim was 6″ lower than the standard 10 feet.

Lame. Look at how they avoid showing how far his feet get off the ground:

The belief that I was not physically capable of dunking was holding me back for one simple reason: it became my main excuse to not train harder.

Then something changed when I saw this 5′ 8″ white kid dunking on YouTube:

And again when I learned that this guy is my height:

The main difference between Anthony Lugo and myself, is Anthony has put in the work to get that explosive. And I haven’t.

So I bought his “Flight School” vertical jump program, and I’m 5 days in. This is as sore as I’ve ever been in my life – and that alone tells me something. A new level of sore probably indicates a new level of training. A new level of training probably means a new level of jumping.

So, without any concrete evidence whatsoever, I now believe I will be able to dunk.

To put a bit more pressure on myself, I’ve made a bunch of $20 bets that I’ll be able to dunk a basketball by the time volleyball season returns in September. 5 friends have put $20 down, so I’ve got $100 on the line.

This money and social pressure adds motivation to my workouts.

Publishing this blog post further commits me to training hard.

If the 8 week Flight School program doesn’t get me dunking, I’ll re-commit by getting an online assessment with Chris Korfist. He’s a trainer with experience consulting for the NFL, Big 10 Universities, US Olympic team and U.S. Special Forces.

Update: before doing the Korfist one, I’ll try coach Donny: http://www.elevateyourself.org/online-training.html

Here’s my starting point:


2 thoughts on “I Never Thought I Could Dunk”

    1. No I didn’t end up working with Chris. At this point, I’ve learned enough about vertical jumping that I feel confident in making gains on my own. It seems to come down to high-quality explosive workouts/dunk attempt sessions, at as high a volume as you can effectively recover from (quality nutrition, sleep, mobility work and stress management). I’m making consistent gains this way and will for sure be dunking within the next year or so providing I don’t mangle my ankle again!

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