The 1000 Rep Month: Day 13

Lia was asking me how my motivation is doing, and my answer was “It’s pretty weak.” Which is probably the point of this whole thing. If I was naturally motivated to do this on my own, it wouldn’t be necessary to force myself to do it by holding myself publicly accountable to all of you.

So motivation really isn’t the key to getting something done, for me anyway. It’s more promising someone else (or a group of people) that you’ll do it. So far this little experiment shows that I’m more likely to stay true to a commitment if I know people are watching. But won’t I just quit after the 70 videos are done? At this point, that sounds very attractive. But Google says I’ll have formed the habit by then, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.


The 1000 Rep Month: Day 11

It doesn’t get much more inappropriate than hip-thrusts (I just watched the video and the camera angle was poorly chosen to say the least, but I’m not redoing it so we’re all going to just have to live with it).

I didn’t even know hip-thrusts were an actual exercise until my brother-in-law told me about them (and how awesome they are, though I don’t recall why). At the moment I can say that my hips actually do feel spectacular, specifically my hip-flexors (which are generally on the tighter side)… so I’ll certainly be busting out hip-thrusts again in the future. They definitely feel restorative (like those Jefferson-curls from yesterday), which is useful in case I’m really hurting and just need to get through and survive a day’s workout.

The 1000 Rep Month: Day 10

Someone has a case of the Mondays and it’s me. After a fairly shitty morning at work including invoicing disputes and other obstacles, I was at less than peak energy heading into this workout. You can see that in me taking the first 3 minutes to do 10 reps of Jefferson curls which actually ended up being more yoga-like that workout-like.

Today is a good example of the phenomenon that we all probably face where the less we feel like working out, the more we probably should.

Why Chaos And Risky Defence Are Better In Ultimate

Here’s the thing. We all play frisbee for different reasons, and my main reason is to have fun. So I don’t belong on a competitive team with winning as the primary focus. If I can win AND have fun, great. But I’d rather have a shit ton of fun, take big risks, try to build momentum and win or lose in epic fashion.

So with that in mind, I’m personally developing a playing style more aligned with massive risk-taking. This means paying way more attention to the thrower at all times, and trying to read what’s going to happen in order to do something about it. I leave my man to feel basically unguarded. Sure, I’m close-ish, but I’m playing with space. I’m poaching, trying to make my man look as attractive a throw as possible while staying confident that I can cut off the throw mid-flight. And if they throw over me, that’s more time for me to recover careless positioning.

At this point, I’d say (just as a wild guess) I’m able to see a play coming 30% of the time, and the majority of the time I’m completely wrong and out of position. But that’s OK with me, because I feel pretty strongly that if I’m able to drop my player and make an interception, the momentum gained by my team is far greater than the momentum lost by me being out of position and a pass being completed (even for a point). Being out of position is not spectacular, it doesn’t generally create a strong reaction. But bidding for an interception (and even missing) creates a sense of “swinging for the fences” that spreads throughout the team. I think this makes a team more volatile, more dangerous, and more fun.

I think it’s a mistake for a beginner team to try an play a “controlled” game. I don’t think there’s enough to be gained by playing safely, making only “sure throws” to justify that approach as a team’s strategy. New players, if given license to throw bombs in a game, gain a shit ton more confidence and valuable handling experience than if they’re pressured into always making safe throws (and dumps) to veteran handlers.

No team, ever, has been ignited by safely walking the disc into the end zone. On the other hand, even the opposing team will get up and scream for a spectacular layout D block.

Defending the end zone presents even juicier opportunities to read the play, and abandon your player, and make a bid for glory. Because you’re covering a smaller part of the field, I think it’s actually easier to poach hard in the end zone (providing you’re taking away the easy “in” throws and forcing the handler to put the disc over you, thus building the necessary time to catch up if you made a mistake).

Here’s my final argument for why poaching is better than not poaching:

Imagine a situation where all the players on the defending team are able to predict the throw a second before it’s released. This gives them all enough time to begin sprinting to the point on the field the disc is headed, leaving all players undefended but the player trying to receive the disc. Assuming the defender marking the disc doesn’t make the block, you have the defenders in immediate proximity to the handler reacting to the handler alone. This means bodies getting in the path of the throw (which we’re assuming is happening). So let’s then assume that none of those nearby defenders were able to block or intercept the disc, we now have all the mid-and-deep positioned defenders reacting to the receiver – who now has to make a fairly difficult catch due to being outnumbered by defenders. Yes, if the catch is made, the entire rest of the team is open. That’s the risk. But I still think that a team being able to collectively react to one throw at a time, and isolating/outnumbering the two offensive players involved in that pass, creates a defensive advantage. It also introduces a level of unpredictability for the offence to deal with, and as those of you who’ve played with me know, I’m a huge fan of creating a sense of chaos! I love when the other team is yelling “Man! No, Zone! No, Uh… What the fuck are they doing?”

We’ve all played “Man” and “Zone” and I think it’s time to embrace a new and somewhat random system where we’re thinking less about zones and players, and more about flight paths and developing a poaching mindset (admittedly structured almost exactly as a zone would be). I want to do some strange shit. I want to leave the handler unmarked (if we have a lead!) and double up on the in-cuts.

I want to see the game evolve.


The 1000 Rep Month: Day 8

It’s funny how I can be totally demoralized about working out one day and absolutely on the ball the next. Such was the case from yesterday to today. Maybe it’s the dusting of snow and the sunshine, maybe it’s because I missed volleyball last night and have a bunch of excess voltage needing to express itself.

Whatever it was, today’s workout was easier than most.

The 1000 Rep Month: Day 7

I’ve done 7 days out of 70. Knowing that I still have 10x the work ahead of me is making me want to quit – especially because I’ve been super busy with web design work this past week. The internal argument that “I’m too busy to do even a short workout” is very attractive (in terms of a reason to quit) but I know that’s bullshit. Change is hard, so I’ll keep going.

The 1000 Rep Month: Day 6

This is starting to feel a lot more like crossfit than I’d originally expected, but the need to keep these videos under 5 minutes 25 seconds (max video length on my phone) has removed much of the time I would normally have used to rest between sets. So my heart rate gets way higher than it otherwise would, and stays there for a couple minutes.

These sprint workouts do make sense for me though. I can’t really invest a ton of time into a workout every day, but even a short workout (if intense like this) can get my muscles burning and make me feel like I’ve made some progress. Or at least, won out over my lazier self.

I’m still figuring out what time of day is best for these workouts. Morning is tough – my energy is usually low in the morning and begins to flag in the evening, so it seems like the best time is somewhere between noon and 3pm. This would also leave a few hours of rest before evening sports, if that’s a factor.

Today’s routine was probably the best mix I’ve had so far in terms of getting some representation in power, plyo and general strength. The days that I just do pushups/dips feel a bit like a cop-out. Hitting 20 jump lunges was a challenge, and my legs are burning from it (probably compounded from the power cleans).

From a mood standpoint, getting outside and workout out on a rainy day seems to be a good way to force some outdoor time and suck in some fresh air. Without a reason to be outside, I’d be indoors all day getting cagey.