Please Stop Storing Photos on Your Computer!

I can’t believe how long it has taken me to finally figure this out. This morning my dad sent me a link to a free, cloud-based photo album and I was like, “Holy shit. I need this.”

I’ve been using a combination of iPhoto and Apple Photos (I don’t know what the difference is) for storing all of my photos, since the beginning of time. I’ve never liked it because having a lot of photos and videos on my computer slows it down. Storing photos locally on your hard drive is also risky because there are lots of ways of losing them forever (theft, damage, accidental deletion). A better idea would be for your photos to automatically back themselves up to the cloud (remote storage, which is much safer and just better).

Enter Google Photos, with unlimited storage for all of your high quality photos and videos. For most people, including myself, the free high quality option is more than good enough. If you want to have higher than high quality, you can select original resolution and pay for the additional space as needed.

So how do you make the switch? Google provides free photo backup software to do all of the importing for you. I’m doing it now, and it’s chugging through over 50,000 images and videos. This is going to save my computer a LOT of storage space.

When the import is done, I’m going to delete all photos and videos from my computer and enjoy the speed increase.

Thank you Google for solving yet another of my problems!

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