The 1000 Rep Month: Day 16

I love it when Isla jumps into my videos midway through and just slays a set of whatever she wants. I read in The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting that kids don’t so much learn from what you say so much as they model what you do – and so far that’s accurate. Maybe the biggest hidden benefit to working out every (week)day is that Isla sees it and wants to imitate it. I help her with pull-ups and dips for now, but I can already feel her getting stronger, and I don’t think it will be too much longer before she’s doing them on her own.

Due to volleyball finals being this evening I’ve focused on light shoulder movements and some full back stretching/strengthening. I simply cannot advocate hard enough for Jefferson Curls. I generally wake up with a pretty stiff back, and after only a few Jeffersons my spine is loose and warm like a well-steamed piece of asparagus. It also doesn’t matter where in my back is stiff because the curl traverses every single vertebrae in sequence. I’ve said before that it feels like yoga in that it’s extremely relaxing. The stretch at the bottom (if you’re using a little bit of weight) is just scrumptious. It hits my horribly neglected and always piano-wire-tight hamstrings too, which I don’t really think about until I get to the bottom and feel the pull in my legs.

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