The 1000 Rep Month: Day 6

This is starting to feel a lot more like crossfit than I’d originally expected, but the need to keep these videos under 5 minutes 25 seconds (max video length on my phone) has removed much of the time I would normally have used to rest between sets. So my heart rate gets way higher than it otherwise would, and stays there for a couple minutes.

These sprint workouts do make sense for me though. I can’t really invest a ton of time into a workout every day, but even a short workout (if intense like this) can get my muscles burning and make me feel like I’ve made some progress. Or at least, won out over my lazier self.

I’m still figuring out what time of day is best for these workouts. Morning is tough – my energy is usually low in the morning and begins to flag in the evening, so it seems like the best time is somewhere between noon and 3pm. This would also leave a few hours of rest before evening sports, if that’s a factor.

Today’s routine was probably the best mix I’ve had so far in terms of getting some representation in power, plyo and general strength. The days that I just do pushups/dips feel a bit like a cop-out. Hitting 20 jump lunges was a challenge, and my legs are burning from it (probably compounded from the power cleans).

From a mood standpoint, getting outside and workout out on a rainy day seems to be a good way to force some outdoor time and suck in some fresh air. Without a reason to be outside, I’d be indoors all day getting cagey.

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